Image/Gani loading problem.

So if the image/gani is in my offline folder(both for 2.22 and 2.17), as well as my online server folder… shouldn’t it show the images/ganis on both clients?

For 2.17 I see about 95% of the images just fine, but when I go and use 2.22 images start to not show up. Suggestions?

Rofl. A 30MB behemoth? =o!

Nah. Just heads/bodies/ and basic ganis pretty much that i’m talking about in specific. Some images also seem to not want to work right, but nothing nearly as big as that and other’s claim to see them just fine so it’s pretty much just me. Don’t really get why they would work in 2.17 just fine for me and not 2.22, that’s just confusing to me. I should get Urza to look over some stuff or if I get the chance to look over some stuff, and possibly check out some other things I think might be the culprit. Thanks for the input, =p


If you are looking for a 30 MB behemoth that will certainly break your server…
I can help with that :slight_smile:
36.12 MB to be exact.
Seriously, dont use this at all…ever.