Image Preloader

Here is the little image preloader script on “Gravity Bomb”.
Its to be used in a starting level where the player only visits once;
I use it because it is immediately an image intensive server and things would look much better to the player if they did not see invisible bits or a missing addtiledef when first joining the server.

Some people hate it, some like it, so take not if you feel you need this.

Just remember to edit these parts to your needs:
“// Smarter to add it now before they warp.”
“//Opening Message”
“//Image List (Remember to upload these images!)”
“//Leaving Message”
“//Exit Level”

Debugging Errors:

  • Percentage is stuck below 100%! (There is an incorrect file name and/or non-uploaded image in the tokenized “//Image List”)
  • Percentage is moving slowly. (The one hosting has a poor connection with the player. Ie: Someone is lagging.)
  • Percentage reaches 100% but I’m stuck. (The ‘setlevel’ is set incorrectly.)
  • Everytime I use unstick me I end up back at the pre-loader. (Edit your serveroptions to change the location of “unstick me”, or move this NPC to a unique level, and change “defaultaccount.txt” so players start off in this level.)

Maybe once overall compatibility has improved. lol (Has no intention, haha)
Only thing it would do would be to add more blending between the percentages.

Like “item/total_items + downloadpos * 1/total_items”
Only major difference is on >32KB items, and without ‘downloadsize’ you can’t get the total size in KB o_o

Someone put this in the showcase! It’s great!

Mine was better. Too bad I used his images so nobody noticed.

Sticky that one then.

I didn’t share it. It’s on Zolderon.