Images Needed!

Hello all, i’m in desperate need of some old Unholy Nation images, here is the list:


If you have ANY of these please post here, or e-mail me, [email protected] thanks.

I have “candy” but it’s in png format.

Yeah i have that one aswell, its a monster though so its gonna be like a sprite sheet.

Be more specific if you can, explain each image so people will understand better. I was going to suggest the old UN level pack, but then realize it was never saved with the images when taken.

Well, all of these images i listed are going to be sprite sheets.

the renzokubirds, since i’ve never seen the actual images myself, i cant give a good detail about the two different types…

as for the pet images, i dont know exactly how many different sprites are in the image…

sorry for the vague explanations but thats all i got :frowning:

I haven’t seen Renzoku birds either, but they may look like one of these…

In this image, the green bird above the gold trees, and the blue ones in the middle are renzoku birds. But thats only one side, i just need to see the whole sprite sheet >_<

Why don’t you log on UN as a guest and look around?

Well it turns out that the old creature shop was still on the server, just not connected to the map, so I got my friend who is staff to warp me in and download some of the pet images, these were the ones that were missing:


But i dont need them, all I need now are the renzoku birds!

Ask your friend to do a /find on the filenames and see if the image are still up.
If they are get him to make a new level with the images in it so you can download them all.


Thanks, I already got that one, and a few others, see previous post >_<

That is one ugly cow

I’ve seen the birds before. However I got nothing of them as far as backups go O_o

hm, do you remember how they moved? the different sprites? I’m thinking the image probably looked like a g2k1 bird sprite sheet.

Just had 2 directions if I remember correctly. I only seen them fly off diagonally.

I’m in the minimap!

So is Hell Raven. What’s your point?

He wants a cookie dammit! Dontar’s been holding out!

I have these and thats all.