Lolz Leav ur ipawd on @ nite & c wat ppl send u iz funny!!!1!

hes definitley not j0king lolz hilarious!!11!111``

Yes, yes you are.

Threads like this seriously bum me out. Thats all.

Maybe I’m too old, but I don’t even get what the funny part is supposed to be.

I mean, I can’t even guess.

I think the joke is that Blaze is Canadian?


It’s threads like this that create school massacres.

more like school weirdos

This thread is such a let down…

put blaze into a usergroup where you can’t make threads. Please…

Where he can only make threads in misc and then I’ll be God of the Blaze

Or just make it so that gllt has to approve every post before it goes public. That could be fun, no?

That would be as interesting as it would be chaotic lmao