Indulge Me, for I am an Oldbie!

Hey guys, my name is Austin.

While working on a project at school today, I began talking to a friend I haven’t talked to in a long, long time. We were big gaming buddies back in the day and we were discussing the good old times.

We began to talk about Graal, and I lamented on how we didn’t play anymore and how it costed even more. He looked at me in bewilderment and told me about Graal Reborn! My excitement grew as he told me more and more about it, it seemed to good to be true!

So I downloaded the client, and got everything set up. The problem is, I don’t know what to do now! I know that I’m going to start developing as soon as I get into the groove of things; but in the meantime can someone give me a refresher course and maybe some tips on what to do around here?


There’s a tutorial section if you’re curious for anything specific. o_o

What’s your old account name on Official Graal
By the way, can you dev?

I browsed through the tutorial section but didn’t seem to see anything that caught my eye. What’s the most popular server at the time that’s being worked on? Where’s the wide variety of heads/bodies my friend talked about (like on the current Graal)? What all needs helped with in this project? etc etc.

I think my old account name was austin11118 haha, my nick was usually SgtRedskin, austin11118, or redskinlad.

I can dev, but it’s been a long time since I have. I’m sure with a little practice I could get back into it!

Most of the people on here are oldbies. ZzzZzz

I’m impressed with the response speed haha. And I figured most people on here were.

I live on these forums.

hi austin

my name is downsider i like racecars and going real fast


my name is downsider i like racecars and going real fast[/quote]
dont you always?

well, welcome austin.


Graal Reborn pack or Ultimate DVD? What does ultimate include? (Lots of bodies/heads?)

Hello SgtRedSkin. XD!!! Nice to meet you, everything around here is pretty much in development. But uh, watch out for this one guy named, “Samich.” He likes men and well he talks very naughty sometimes. He is a disturbing young man.

The Ultimate Graal DVD contains lots of stuff. Full playerworld backups, images, programs, etc, etc. Anyways, for development, all you have to really know is that everything is programmed in the old gscript (we don’t have support for the newer gs2 that was introduced during version 4) and everything is clientside (we don’t have a complete npc-server, sorry.) Besides that, you can do whatever you want. You can make your own server, help somebody with theirs, or just play on what is available.

Be wary while opening some of the packs in there. There might be some porn.

Agret Porn, hahaha.

And some of the hacks may contain viruses. :x Have a virus scanner first!

Haha well I ended up not downloading that, but instead dowloading the Graal File Pack that was stickied.

Unfortunately no server has yet to accept all these bodies, heads, etc so I can’t use them=,/.

EDIT: The testserver has some*.

We haven’t placed any of the bodies, heads, etc in the global file list because of concerns from Cyberjoueurs. It is up to the individual server owners to place images on their servers.

Ah for like copyright infringement and such?

No. But they think that’s the reason.

Kinda depressing. Trying to get back into scripting/leveling, but thats going to take a while.

In the meantime, I want to play the game, but noone’s ever on, which is the fun part about Graal. =/