[info] Harmonia

What type of a server is this?
Harmonia is going to be a ‘classic’ type server. The focus will primarily be on the players, questing, events, guilds and PKing. I can not tell you one way or another why you should want to play it, but I can tell you that it will not be one of those servers you see with 10 people online and they are all RCs.

How will we do this?
I will be doing this primarily by myself, unless I absolutely have to go outside to get help, which I may have to do when it comes to scripting as I am a novice at best.

What style is it going to be?
The levels will be in the classic style, with a classic tileset. I feel that sometimes ‘less is more’ and that Graal is sometimes lost in ‘detail.’ For Harmonia, we will be trying to show that simple can still be fun, new, and exciting!

Please stop by sometime and feel free to say ‘Hi!’. :slight_smile:

I got owned on your server :slight_smile:

I like it a lot.


Thank you for the kind words. I am trying to crank out content as quick as possible, but for some reason seem to not to be able to do anything but the overworld right now. I apologize for all the empy houses. :wink: However, I think that once I get the eastern island completed, I’ll have no choice but to develop the interior of the houses.

EDIT: Sorry about the downtime today, guys. Apparently my computer feels the need to restart itself while I’m at work.

Hey Nelm, the server is back up on the list, but I’m unable to jump on. I keep getting the message “You have been disconnected from the game server”.

Yeah, I can’t get on either. :<

First of all, it’s Gold. Whaaa-?
Second, players are exempt from playing. (THAT’LL SHOW 'EM!)

Means the server is registered, after that they can set it to whatever level they want.
Tastefully, we just keep it at Classic ;o

Just because a server is registered doesn’t mean that you can set whichever status. the server must have rights to be able to choose

Actually my client shows your server on hosted, Beholder. Waffles is classic.

Use the 2.17 client.

Don’t look at me. I had no part in making it Gold.

Actually the server is tad out of date for the ServerHQ and I haven’t been arsed to get a new compiler cause some obscure MingW setting is fucked up ;D

Yes, but I think its a tad older, manually added a serverHQ file with the password. lol
Again, no worries, I haven’t been arsed to update the GServer in a long while anyway. Sidenote, hosting multiple GServers with one console = weird.
Hard to tell what which server its debugging and if one goes down, the rest have to go down with it to revive it.

I can’t get on with either client.

weird should work.

I was having trouble with both clients as well… it cleared up for some reason though. Graphics are showing up ugly though. The minimap is a pixelated mess, and some tree tops show as black boxes.

yeah it’s yucky

for some reason png’s fucks up when you upload them through RC.

huh the new RC won’t do that will it?

No I don’t think it does, but I do think it appends “/” to every file you upload O_o

The server now has its own sub-forum. When/If Nelm comes back this is the place to post threads regarding Harmonia!