insanepotato took his own life :(

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let anyone who knew him know that Tony Huynh (insanepotato) took his own life on the 23rd May 2011.

Here are two threads I found by him on the forums:…-(quite-shotty)

From when I knew him Tony was a great guy, I only got to know him over 1 semester while we were studying games design & development together at uni but he was cool and he was interested in Graal so I told him about Reborn and he did a bit of codehacking with the gserver although I can’t find anything he has created except those 2 threads.

Would just like to say that he was a cool guy, RIP Tony.

Oh, wow…

Isn’t this old news?

Anyways, I’m indifferent toward the deaths of people I don’t know, and I don’t care what people think about me for it. Let’s drop it soon, because if this becomes I big topic I’m going to be pissed.

Poor guy…

My last post was rather inappriote for this occasion. I feel the same way as Riley, may he rest in peace.

Please no posting insensitive posts or “I don’t care, I didn’t know him” if you don’t care or didn’t know him then don’t post kthx

Don’t know him but R.I.P.

Let’s let the topic die, yeah?

I feel no sympathy for someone who took the easy way out instead of getting help. Been there, done that, have pictures to prove it.

R.I.P. I hope all you assholes burn in hell, by the way. Gllt and Agret are like the only people that feel bad for him… If he killed himself, it must have been over something pretty bad. I may not have known him, but I always show respect and sympathy for people that die. I guess that’s just me.

depression is a horrible thing

Seriously, I wonder why people make such a fucking piss fit when people commit suicide. Seriously. He took his life, have sympathy, he felt trapped in his life. He couldn’t get out. I’ve been there too so all of you just pay your dues and shut the fuck up.

I don’t know anything about the situation and I don’t know him, so the respectful thing to do is give good wishes and move on.
He’s better now, my wishes are more for his loved ones, that they might be comforted.

My condolences. Thread locked. You can unlock it if you desire, Agret.