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This is in addition to the one with the IME vulnerabilities posted back in May 2016 and all the other ones… It can be fixed if users apply (((a patch))) that will reduce performance over 30%

Who would’ve thought putting a full TCP/IP stack and OS for the purpose of spying and control in the CPU hardware itself along with tons of other user controlling DRM on both the CPU and motherboard bios would cause problems… See also TPM, TCP, “Trusted Computing”, UEFI and all the other crap…

Performance increases since the Core 2 Duo have been so miniscule because most of the increased component density has been dedicated to spyware, remote monitoring, control and (((encryption)))…

Hence how AMD can have a 6 or 8 core CPU at 3 to 4ghz on a 45nm process nearly 7 years ago while 14nm chips are not 4 times better than a 45 or even 60nm chip at the same wattage.

Botnet: now with 30% more bitcoin mining in every byte ™

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