Intoxicated man in Convenience Store

Reminds me of a cockroach that’s been flipped upside down.

What’s funny is that he went to grab more beer.

funny comments ?

Drunk: help I’ve fallen and i can’t get to the register .

Drunk: who the fuck waxed your floor man ?

Drunk: can someone had me a V8 ?

ShopKeep: hey man you ok ?
Drunk: hey I’m break dancing here , do you mind ?

Shopkeeper: hey if your going to sleep here pay some fucking rent .

Bystander: you think this guy’s ok ?
Shopkeeper: as long as he don’t urinate in the condiments isle i don’t care .

Shopkeeper: excuse me sir , could you kindly get your ass off my floor ?

Bystander: clean up , isle one .

Shopkeeper: how many tries is it going to take him to figure out the front door ?

That’s simply horribly unfunny.

you know what , when ever you have an opion . just keep it to yourself . im really getting sick of you , this is just like the go forum . im done with this place , and it’s thanks to you . out of curiosity how many people have you chased out of the graal reborn community ?

My boss showed me that one yesterday. Hilarious! :smiley:

Why leave just because someone is bothering you?

We all deal with it, because we all mess with eachother :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t be weak especially over a forum or game.

By the way, might this be lambo in the vid? :stuck_out_tongue:

Watched this in History class today.

no , no matter how fucked up lambo get’s , he would never be that bad . least you wouldnt know it .

___Merged doublepost__________________

messing with each other is one thing but it seems that any time i make a post either spooon or downsider is there to ride my ass and it get’s rather annoying after awhile . i can take a joke , people always on my back has a tendency to piss me off .

We’re only helping. It’s called negative reinforcement. We punish you for doing stupid things.

Unfortunately, we can’t use positive reinforcement to teach you (Rewarding you for good things), simply because you never do good things so you’d never learn.

point made .

Let’s hope that you can remember this and stop being a retard. >:|

let’s hope the mod’s adhear to their own stardards and don’t flame .

the point made was aimed at the responce to my post being exactaly as i said .

You take shit too seriously.

I’m tired of this topic, the drunken twat, and emos. Can we close this already? ¬¬

Nope, I’m not quite as bad as the dude in the video…
In fact…that dudes a lightweight.

Delete the emo posts. :whatever:

actually he reminds me of mike , but mike wouldnt be drunk when he went into a store like that … or mabey he would .