IPAD joins Real Graal


I am IPAD and I am officially a new member of Graal Reborn Community!

Please provide some client links if you have the time to.



Should have everything you need in there.

Welcome to Reborn. Most people can’t hack it here. Either because we are too tough (read: West Side Story fights) or you get run down by Spooon.
Anyway, good luck and welcome.

Welcome to graal reborn \m/


Thanks lol, I know Spooon

Huzzah, another koolaid drinking mac fag.


I have a PowerMac G3, does this count for something?

iPad, tell your brother iPhone to join too, heck, even your little sister iPod can join on here if she wants.

Holy shit, you’re not funny.

yeah sometimes I don’t know why I even bother trying :frowning:

i dunno how to delete thread ofuck

You can’t. :o

Welcome please do not feed the trolls.