IRC and reminders!

This is just a reminder to everyone about what were doing and whats going on or whats changed. I thought I make this an announcement.

We do have an IRC channel!

C'mon! Were always there and idle there too so it can become bigger and more active! If your bored, theres games that you can play to kill the time waiting for help or whatever. If you have any tests you want to run on IRC, then we have a #test channel. The reason why I'm announce'n this is because I believe hardly anyone is aware that we have one and we do use it! If Glas is ever online in #graal he has graal files you might want.

Trust us, use it, don't let the place be useless! So please idle there too!
#graal and #test


So, were working on register page, I thought I'd add that the next gserver release will have spar rating support as I know people would love to put this system back into use again. Agret has a torrent that has tons of graal files so go check that out as well.

I wanted to also say I'll be moving out in about two weeks so I won't be around, but anyway, keep posting about bugs fixes or helpping out other members were always looking for a hand to give us time to do other things. ::slight_smile:

Graal Reborn Team

Re: IRC and reminders!

What the fook is #test >:O

Re: IRC and reminders!

#test - A channel that should be used to test IRC scripts, testing the bot, gscript or NPCs tests, etc. It's pretty basically be it should be proven worthy.

Re: IRC and reminders!

Well…as future staff member of graal reborn…
i just want to welcome all our bbs (forum) members to join our irc channel! :smiley:

Its easier to keep in contact and talk more about graal and shit-chat stuff =D!

really ;D

let's make graal reborn REBORN! :D!

see you in the channel! ;D



Re: IRC and reminders!

Nobody wants to go onto the IRC channel and get yell at by Dangerless for talking.

Re: IRC and reminders!

Orly! :o

Re: IRC and reminders!


That's a new true fact…