If I gave you guys shell accounts to use irssi to chat on irc, would you guys use it? I wish our irc channel was more active. I could show you how to use it, and you will be able to idle without even having to turn your own computer on :slight_smile:

On which server? :slight_smile: Afaik you got a irc-acc and stuff on this (Graal Reborn’s) server.

What do?

Yeah im talking about my vps

Spooon. Irssi is an irc client.

Yeah, I understand that. You said you’d teach us how to use it. I’m a fukin’ noob, dood.

Two commands:
/join #graal

Then idle

OMFG we got a channel?!

Yer, isn’t it!? You get to log on and admire the idling Nalin in all his glory. Pretty damn cool. port 6667, port 7000 for SSL

I got muted by codr :frowning:

yesssssss. our irc channel is a tad more active now. i’ll be on as much as i can to entertain/piss off people. hopefully just entertain.

Here is a great guide for irssi + screen. it’s how I have mine setup.