IRC Moved

Graal Reborn IRC channel has moved!

If you are still connecting to #graal then please update your settings to #graal
This should be the only move we make and we apologize for the inconvenience.
The web based chat has been updated and those of you who prefer to use that can continue to do so as usual.

Thank You,
Graal Reborn

Neither work. Is the channel still around?

patience. points towards three servers were only one is currently online. the Californian one. The Swedish one will go online soon enough.

hm… maybe we should edit the web irc?

sure, make it point to

Bump you can now access irc through the forums (Community -> IRC Chat | Quick Links -> IRC Chat) – for your nickname, it uses your vbulletin username :). njoy

Nice addon. Now we have it in all possible places. goodie

Where exactly is “Community -> IRC Chat” ???

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OoOoO cool