is classic down for good?

I’m just kinda curious and I’ve been absent from graal for about two years now and I just came back recently. I noticed classic was missing from the server lists but thought nothing of it. I just wanna know if its been abandoned.

It’s been down for a while I believe. I guess you could call that abandoned.

What a shame… that was a favorite of mine. But thanks for clarifying, back then when I noticed the server down I mentioned it on here and within a few hours I got a reply and cadavre I believe threw it back up. But I guess that’s not happening this time around.

Classic was the best. Cadavre is gone but maybe someone has the source files laying around if you feel like tinkering with it.

Oh I’d love to. I’ll ask around later on. Still classic will be very much missed… thanks for letting me know about cadavre too. I guess a lot really does happen in two years.

You’ll actually find that it was a case of not a lot happening in 2 years.