Is having links in our forum signature ok?

I think I may have asked before but I’m just asking again to confirm. Are we allowed having links of any sort in our forum signatures, or not really?

um es okay >_< but I don’t speak for the collective just myself so what does everybody else say?

i don’t really care about that. as long as it’s not harrasmet towards another person on the forums.

Haha, reminds me of Official.

Nah, nothing like that. Not really sure what I was going to link to exactly though. Just wanted to make sure it was alright though beforehand lol

Actually, I think i’m going to start enforcing that! That way, when we ban you… you can make a new account :smiley:

if having a link in sig was against rules, I would of been breaking it for a while now…the picture in my sig is a clickable link to a Furry webcomic titled Dan & Mab’s Furry Adventures (dungeons and dragons-esk with Cubi, demons, Fae, etc) Based on the Social Game Furcadia (they used to have a dream there before Furcadia went the way of Second Life, hell, they had an area on Second Life duplicating Lost Lake Inn (where Dan, his sister and Mab the Fae lives), I dont know if its still there though)

lol what a stupid rule.

My sig links to free programming books, I use the site all the time >_< Billlz scared I broken the rulez OoOoO D:

i don’t think it should be allowed cuz websites offend me. so do short people, unicorns, jeff goldblum and sewing needles.

ur the dude on meatspin >_<


i have no idea what meatspin is. enlighten me?