Is it 18+ time yet?

I have now reduced permissions to the /b/ forums so that only the usergroup 18+ can view it.

You can request to join the usergroup here:

It is up to the administrators to decide if you can come in or not.

/b/ will have basically ANYTHING and is not for minors. Strictly 18+ only.

not fucking cool. 18+ shouldn’t give you a name colour change.

All I know is that the next thing that will happen on this forum is an <18 section, for people who are too young, and you guys will make some sort of shitty ass colour like NAME or NAME

You can choose from all your usergroups. And, it is still black, I just bolded the text.

I’m not stooooooopid.
Just saying.

lol, I just added this group so that noone could complain if porn was/is posted in a thread (in /b/)and stuff. You might be younger, lie about your age god damnit.

I know I know.
Aslong as

Doesn’t Happen, I guess it’s alright. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, too much effort.

Hehe, bold name… ;D

Edit the " I can watch pr0nz yeah" as the discription below my name thing >:O

Changed mah mind. I don’t want the bold name anyway. “I can watch the pr0nz, yeah” sounds so pervy.

thats what donor status is for lol fags

anyhow brb posting things in /b/ that are 18+

Love how anyone can join 18+…

It should be 21+(and gllt)

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This is retarded. Bunch of fucking kids. It’s not even 18+. Pretty much an exclusive board for people who actually read the forums.

I lolled at everyone who joined the group, saw gllt’s “real” thread and got scarred =P

its funny because there is nothing i would consider scarring in that thread its very generic and boring

i havent even posted real 18+ scarring stuff

prob wont anyway for spooons sake

Post some beastiality, lol
That’ll scar em

Nevermind. Spooon’s sake. Forgot.

Ive seen and heard more messed up stuff from one of my friend’s dirty x-mass songs… of the 45 days of x-mass

Plus 4chan has more dirter stuff

Not 4chan.
4chan is innocent if you think of it without /b/. (and /gif/ etc. lol)

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gllt should scar EVERYONE on /b/.
Then, there should be a locked inviteonly group for people who didn’t see it.



here is what I say, have gllt scar the little kids for life, and post instructions how to make sure they never see it again :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: if he couldnt, i could