Is Summer

Ima work on a server when it’s cold out, not in the five months I can go outside. Even with all of Graal’s limitations it is still possible to make something better than Zelda 3.
Urza and I will push Cad to fix server registration when we’re active again. Right now it is pointless. Also gllt should do his job as misc mod and help people with C++.

Been thinking about it for a few weeks, but I’ve still got too much going on. Mostly looking at making something like Zelda or one of the other SNES adventure games. (SOM, Soul Blazer, Spike McFang). None of those would have to be forced into Graal. Zelda would mostly use what’s available and would just need the work put into dungeons and a few enemy sets. Don’t have any ideas for the story or anything like that yet.