is this signature too offencive ?

title says it all .

uh lol

Dangerless won’t like it.

More of the line of too disturbing, a lot of our members are idiots freaks premature too young.

Sidenote, the Mechafetus/P.Robertson made me laugh.

im surprised anyone likes it , i find it funny myself .

It’s funny :smiley:

It is funny as a comment, as a signature I find it to be childish.

there was an image but they done blocked it or something so i removed it from my signature .

Told you.

I remember that line from the “History of the ‘F Word’”

Wasn’t that fond of it, really. I’m fine with cursing, but that video just felt really ignorant and childish, to me.

If it gets used to insult a user(s) on here then it will be removed. However, as long as it isn’t doing that, it’s fine.

O.o oh hell this opens so many things to me

Looping Animated gif of an undead woman eating a fetus out of her cunt (as made by Paul Robertson) :open_mouth:

That was awesome.

and here i thought the mhx hunters were long dead . is elkow , ronald an all of them still active ?

They just don’t care about Graal anymore. The divisions have moved onto GUild Wars and WoW. They used to have a Mech Warrior 3/4 division, but those games I would be surprised if anyone played anymore.