[Issue]Passwords have been hacked.

I believe someone has hacked GR’s forums account database everyone needs to change there password GR for the past week has been freezing up my Graal Online for no reason it has never done this before but everytime Graal Online freezes i get disconnected for someone else login into gr account.

idk whats going on.
but i believe the account database maybe in danger.
its happen when i get on 12th planet yes i know you think its a crap server but the levels are connected and i aint seeing them as connected idk why but then after the music finishes in one level i get disconnected because someone logs into my account and then when i reconnect my graal online freezes

If someone modifies the server software it’s easy to grab the password. That’s why we haven’t used the forum-passwords for logging in, in 4 years. Use different passwords for Graal and the forums.