It is possible to script a CTF system with GS1

So it is?

I’ll need to hire scripters…

A common misconception is that there are infinite scripters in Graal.
While that’s true in UnixGraal (, most people on GR have to learn the hard way that nothing will be handed to you.
You have to go and do it yourself.

if (playertouchsme) set hasflag;
if (playerhearts==0) unset hasflag;

thats the hard part. now to make some fun levels run around in.

isnt there a ctf script allready on the forums, but that isnt the point. start simple darkknight, then work your way up

Thanks Hosler. Now all gonna be easy. Thanks man. I scripted the part of setflag. But i couldnt the one of playerhearts== 0

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d also use a showimg and other stuff but…:0

I think I’ll go make one, actually…


just use ganis. -_-
Unless you mean some sort of whack HUD.
(not necessary)

oh so it should be:

if (playertouchsme) set hasflag;
if (playerdies) unset hasflag;


noooooo, ignore tricxta, he is being all fancy xP You need a simple one…

set hasflagblue;
if(playerhearts==0 && strequals(#g,Blue Team)){
unset hasflagblue;

And then the same thing for a red flag, would be a more complex version, and you could do something like

  if(strequals(#L,ctf_level.nw) && !ctf){
    set ctf;
      triggeraction 0,0,gr.setguild,Blue Team,#a;
    else if(this.number==2){
      triggeraction 0,0,gr.setguild,Red Team,#a;

To do the tags and all, but for now do something like this…

set hasflag;
setplayerprop #c,I got the flag!;
unset hasflag;

It looks nice for me

This thread is full of fail x_X