This is my first post here, but this server is DEAD! I had three freaking heras and I loved this server! Can ANYONE host it again? :redface:

ask my nigga spoon.


Marlon was the host.

Hi, I guess I got them mixed up, been a while… I was thinking it was Graal the Adventure, but anyway I’ve changed the name to Graal Classic. I got a new server so decided to start hosting it again, as opposed to hosting it remotely which I was doing a few years back. But if you need someone to host graal the adventure, I can host it alongside classic. Not sure if I have it though, I’d have to check.

Just wants the files^

Mebeh :stuck_out_tongue: Nah, just figured I’d put it out there seeing as it’s not being hosted at the moment. More than happy if someone else hosts though.

It’s only been down for a couple weeks and everybody’s freaking out. Cad’s a reliable host, once he gets the servers up they’ll stay up for a long time. No need to terrorize poor Spooon asking for the levels like that.

Nobody is getting those files! >:O Kalzor, Scoopa, and I busted our asses fixing and adding shit for you fuckers. Too bad Scoopa never finished adding Aria to Destiny.

You guys will know when it’s up so thread closed and stuff.