I've returned! (Yet Again!)

Hey everyone, glad to see that Graal Reborn is still holding in there. :slight_smile: It’s been a while, but I’ve returned back, going to give my server another go at it, provided some horrible catastrophe doesn’t strike yet a third time… Maybe it’s just my luck when I start getting a structured server going? I don’t know… but I’ve decided for my latest server project, I’m going to convert everything that I can from my previous MORPG project, Ethereal Odyssey over to a Graal Reborn Server. It’s just more flexible for me since Gscript has always been fairly easy for me.
I will post more information up about this project within the next day or so, I am currently downloading a fresh client and server and setting it up and all that fun stuff. Be expecting it, Ethereal Odyssey Mgmt. Hikeido

Your avatar is still creepy.

Welcome back!

I know lol, and good to be back haha. I’ll have more info on this project up in the next couple days.