Jail NPC

Name: JailKeeper
Type: Level Support
Author: Koroshiya
Description: A simple NPC to keep players in your jail for 30 minutes. Just about every loophole is covered. Just add a line to your system NPC that if a player is flagged “jailed” to warp them back to jail.

I'm just going to post the NW file to make things easier. I remade it to timershow the remaining timeout till the player is warped out. Also, if the player tries to chat, they will be warped back to the center and their time reset. I included a warning when they enter and some stafftags for immunity.

And, as suggested, earlier, it adds the *Jailed NPC and sets a flag that my *System NPC checks for.

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Re: Jail NPC

You should incorporate a timeout function so their name cant be changed, and weapons enabled by hacks, and also make it so they cant talk.

Re: Jail NPC

The name thing isn't a big deal, just a humiliation thing. lol But I do like the timeouts in case of hacks and removing speech. It just occurred to me that people can have NPC's that enable warp via chat and I can't stop all of those with this.


Re: Jail NPC

No problem :smiley: Very nice NPC Collection.

Re: Jail NPC

Use a system npc (called “-Jail” or something). Put a fair timeout on it (30 secs maybe), and get it to check the user for a jailed flag. If it exists, and the player isn’t in a suitable jail level, warp them to one. Give the flag a value (like 10) that count downs on every timeout, and when 0 allows the player to leave. If they were on another level and the jailer has to warp them, make it reset the flag’s value to 10 again.

I'd script it now (its fairly simple really) but its getting late and I start work early in the morning. You can do similar things too, like checking of a player is on a wall, in an attempt to auto jail hackers, but that gets a little more complicated (you need to allow for staff boots, and the occasional hiccup that might occur when warping).

Re: Jail NPC

Can u update the script please Koroshiya?

Re: Jail NPC

lol. Whoops. I've been so busy trying to find ways around the various bugs that I totally forgot about this. I'll post the update in about 10 minutes.



Just make a jailer… triggeractions and setlevel2. Job done!

Or make a playerworld before a jail system…? You’ll surely be able to make one after you release a fully completed overworld with decent scripts and levels! Although I may be asking too much…

xD I am just a scripter BUT im lazy and this one was just RIGHT THERE so i might as well try… im sleepy so if this doesnt make any sense or have any punctuation im SORRY lol.

Just make a black level and put people who are “jailed” in there.

im lazy so i just wanted to grab this one i can script good but my editor was fked up somehow so i deleted the editor then reinstalled then all of my stuff was gone it sucked…