Jailed for using sword4.png

Wow, can I be removed from jail for using setsword sword4.png please?

I’m still in the tutorial area but I really don’t want to make a new account.

edit: Oh wait, I just used unstick me and got out of jail -_-

This is a known bug.

lol fail.
Just run a text search for “files containing sword4.png”.
You probably have an NPC weapon jailing 'em for it.

Good. I don’t want them using lvl4 sword. SHAME ON YOU FOR CHEATING!

lol fail. We’ve done that, so many fucking times.
lol fail. We can’t find anything that would cause it.

Baby, I’ll show you a lvl4 sword. :cool:

But seriously, do you have any leads at all as to what causes the bug then?
Just curious.

Just a side note if they ever disable saying unstick me use unstuck me :slight_smile: got me out of Providence’s jail back in the day a lot of times and gets them batshit confused.

by the way, sword level 4 looks friggin cool, is it possible to get it yet?

No, and odds are it probably will never be.

You know, there are a lot of sword images other than sword4.png that you can use :stuck_out_tongue:

He wasn’t jailed because of the image, be can make his own sword that looks like it for all we care. He was banned because it set his sword power to 4 and the max is 3.

use setsword sword4.gif then

I use it all the time on many servers and it doesnt change my swordpower, cept on skittlez when I got back on later, apparantly the version of the gserver he used saw I was using sword4.gif and gave me lvl 4 sword (bug).

same thing happened with someone else and sword3.gif

When an NPC does “setsword image,power” and the image is one of the sword1~sword4 images, it will change the sword power to that image’s level. Hahaha
It’s fun to abuse.

yeah but i was just amazed cuz i’d never seen a sword that gives you a trailing glow even when you’re not swinging it. i’m using sword4.gif now, i think that’s okay right.