Jatz, Exposed

:munch: nom nom nom

Lolol! Australian goodies? O.o

I need it plx! Jatz is helpfull when I’m close to falling asleep during the english lessons :stuck_out_tongue:

baked, not fried.

mhmmmm :slight_smile:

Actually thats where my name came from, back in the day i was looking for a name for a WoW toon, and i was eating jatz. I guess it just sorta stuck :slight_smile:

Jatz eats himself up. Lol.

oh why you…

Lolol xP xD

Jatz loves himself

No U

Jatz looks tasty, how many calories is he?

Who the fuck cares?


What? No. No. Fuck you, and no.

It seems like Benjiro likes to eat older men.

…not what i meant at all O.o

Dont worry, he’s too young to get the previous jokes. He thinls we’re still talking about biscuits.

But i’m surprised he hasnt been more exposed when we have gllt running around.

gllt isn’t doing his job properly anymore.

I’m starting to think that we need Ruzas running around that do that for you.

I was referring to him pm’ing furry porn to everyone haha