Jelly Day

stay safe gr

Happy Jelly Day!

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not sure what jelly day is.

Why do we even “celebrate” this infamous day. O_o

What did we declare independence from?

oh god
i knew something was wrong about today

i woke up and the cat pissed and shit all over my couch
my rash under my left arm is especially worse and i’ve been extremely hygenic
theres no toilet paper
i spilled sausage grease in the bottom of my toaster oven and almost started a fire
i sat in cat piss and im in my last change of clothes
i have no money
im all alone


gllt is celebrating. anyone else?

Something tells me that I am gonna be “celebrating” tonight.

Don’t know why though. :expressionless:

Jelly Day is Graal Reborn’s independence day. It’s up to you how you celebrate it. It usually ends w/ bad luck somehow. Expect server troubles during the evening. You never know!

Followed by Dangerless’ day, which we celebrate by shutting the forums down for a whole day?

How do I celebrate this?

Fuck graal.

fuck off


Fuck you all.

fuck bushes

Fuck those little mushrooms that block your path. :\

Mission complete.