Jesus of Nasareth (2012~)

Happy channukah/christmas! God jul & gott nytt år! Feliz navidad! Etc

Happy birthday to Jesus! Peace on Earth and “big packages” to all :wink:

Happy birthday son.

Actually, evidence has shown jesus was more than likely born in the spring.

Yeah, whatever, that wasn’t the point.

The birth of “God’s Son” refers to “God’s Sun”. The resurrection is when the sun appears to move 1 degree north in the sky on Dec. 25th. The three days prior during its “death” are when it sits upon the constellation known as the Southern Crux. Crux of course means crucifix.
The Three Wisemen, or Three Kings… are the Three Kings from Orion’s Belt, who point toward the Crux.

Please don’t be angry, this is just what I have learned be it true or not. Happy Belated Re-birthday, Sun!