- In-browser Teamviewer

I’ll be there for a while, and maybe I’ll even let you touch the driver’s seat.

Whats that pirates thing your working on?

viewer 2 is sexy.

i hate visual C++

i love you hosler

funny, I was gonna be a programmer. Now I want to be a engineer. As long as theres no Deadspace shit going on.

engineer is the way to go. you get more money.

exacly, though I will probably still learn to program.

Good thing im studying to be a software engineer. :slight_smile:


I think you owe me one thanks dude :0

I think that if you did that career and deadspace(2) happened. You would probably be the guy to slice his throat

good thing im studying to be something relevant to this thread uh oh because none of you are

huh wut?

not relevant at all to this thread.

Im still trying to work out how i can say something relevant to this thread after you guys happened.