just a picture of link i made like 2 years ago

i think its pretty good[ATTACH=CONFIG]2766[/ATTACH]

swords bad an it needs to be outlined an stuff but i dont wanna mess it up

He has two swords
wtf badass link is badass

Scan it and redo the lines digitally.

how lol

Scan it with a scanner. Either a flatbed, an all-in-one printer, or other kind of all-in-one that scans it like a fax machine. Or take a picture with a webcam/camera. I guess.

Then open it in your digital editor of choice, create a new layer to draw on, and start tracing the lines with the tool of your choice.
Then get rid of the original layer when you’ve made it into a digital copy. Also, resize the original to a large size before tracing it, not too large, but enough to draw in better detail.


Photoshop, Paint.NET, Painttool SAI, etc

im not good at paint.net or i make gfx but even if i was good with it i dont really think i could make graal gfx

Get a drawing tablet, demz be neato. I might buy one actually.

ok thanks ill do it when i have time.

Pirate buy Photoshop.

It’s a really powerful program, dude.

I don’t like photoshop, I prefer fireworks, it still has the convience of layers yet it’s lighter :slight_smile:

Can you do this


Painttool SAI or Inkscape. Can’t fuck up lines when they’re vectors. (Or whatever, I know I’m totally phrasing that wrong fuck)

im not gonna lie it looks like shit.

of course it does. I didn’t spend nearly as much time on it as I could’ve.

no dude i like yours i mean mine

I’ve seen shitter.

nope, but that’s pretty useless and a manually created image is often alot better.

just get gimp , its the just as capable but it’s free .