Just installed linux.

On parents laptop I installed linux. I’m on it as we speak. I have Ubuntu.
The reason I put linux on this laptop is because it caught the blue screen of death and I had no other options. I had a ubuntu installation cd just waiting so Tada! Now, Help me convert from windows to linux. Games. How will I ever be able to play the games I played on pc. Or should I torrent windows vista and reinstall it. Maybe dual boot.

Oh, God, this is really funny. Your ignorance/intelligence shows.

I remember when you said this.

I’m dead serious. I’m trying to install wine now for windows programs.
I guess sometimes though you never know when im serious. Anyways I am restarting lappy cause I just udated 368 things.

get cedega. then you can play lots of windows games.

Don’t go out in deep water if you don’t know how to swim.

or shallow water with lots of sharks.

but go torrent cedega, or buy it. either way it is easy to set up. another way is to download the wine source code, patch it up with something, then compile it. But if your serious about linux, go to the gentoo website and read the install guide. It’s easy, but if you can do it, you learn a lot, and maybe you will want to learn more.

ubuntu = no fun. unless it runs a media center :slight_smile:

Sounds just right coming from you. I’m going to dual boot cause I like linux but the main point was that I had blue screen.

The fact that you think the root of your computer’s problem is “I had blue screen” worries me.

I’m just going to stick with my opinions and u can stick to urs. I am also sticking to ubuntu(On this lappy) Because The disc i burned windows vista to wouldnt read and am too lazy to burn another at this moment. Holser I will try that program.

Yes! Yes, it does!

Or programming. :o

for that, just get a free shell account.

for wut.

for compiling C++ code. or just do it on your own computer.