Just thought i'd let you guys know..

if you ever need anything, let me know. =) (referring to DL / Genmo / Spyder – and yes, I abc-ordered for no favoritism =D)

DL? Oh, you talking to me? :smiley:

lol, actually… no. (sorry)… i’m referring to you know… the three people who want to recreate Elven Lands. =p


lol Bullshit, that is your order of favoritism.

Beholder, I know it is true! I’m last… I’m always last :frowning:

Thanks Joey, I might just have to take you up on that offer… A pound of $100?

Thanks buddy. You already helped me by fixing my lowercase account name :smiley: <3

___Merged doublepost__________________

LOL wtf. I just noticed on the left where my name is it says i joined Aug. 2001…hahahaha. I just made this account a few days ago. Guess I have been here longer than anyone. I should be a moderator :smiley:

I concur! :smiley:

joined in 98 and so did I! :smiley:

The graal official forums didn’t exist until 2001, and I have an account joined in November 2001 =D

So that join date is linked to the official Graal forums where I made my original Genmo account? That would explain why it says 2001 :o

And my mine is so new, cause my old account name was Spyder13