Kandora is looking for a GAT

We are seeking out a GAT just 1 for full or part time work, if you would like to join the Kandora team, then by all means leave a message and show an example of your work must be something original.

What the tits is a GAT?

Urban Dictionary - Gat: Old slang, meanging gun. Came from shortening Gattling gun to just gat. Was used during the prohibition era to name any gun, but specifically the thompson submachine gun, aka The Tommy Gun.

LOL graphics admin team, and a ganis fall under this aswell and we r looking for someone who can ganis.

i can ganis

The best I have seen you make is a spoon.
And I havent even seen that.

well i know u can ganis spooon, but the thing r u feeling up to it bud, Sorry it took ems oo long to get back to ya ,really ud just be ganising new items that r beenign drawn out and baddies and all that for the new version of Kandora, if u want to do it let em know b/c only person on the team that can ganis well is 1 person and hes way too busy, and i am nto that great with it lol, i never really messed with it much, so just let me know what uw ant to do, b/c i have alot of stuff waiting to be ganised. hope to hear from you soon Saputo

Spoooon told me to avoid kandora like the plague so I will. Return the Fucking Slab.

what y the fuck would he say that, its one of the most complete and well staffed servers that even do anything and care about the players

___Merged doublepost__________________

we work are ass’s off for the players not for r own health

This is a Interesting thread…I wish I could do ganis but I dont understand the editor…Its ok since Im already a LAT.


Cause Spooon is Spoooon.

lol umm oook

I was just on ur server though but I don’t see ANY direction to quest or anything. I am lost.

Me too, infact I played maybe 5 minutes and got bored…

I win again.

lol there r quest on there look around and + its not even the real server its just the public server lol, and the quest u get from the npcs they tell u were to go, its called playing an adventure game u ever play one lol, but once again its not the real server

The Customers are always right.

It’s hardly an adventure when no one plays.

O_o noone really plays ANY of the servers… cept GTA, and occasionally i’ll see maybe 1-3 people on Bomber

GTA: Most players 31(bullshit)
Bomber: Most players 163(also bullshit but the comparison gives the desired effect…)