Kandora Relase of Mining.

Kandora Has officially released a one fo a kind Mining system, with all custom images from the rock drops. all made by Saputo.

this mining system can be found in the caves, by the beach, come and join the fun, and have playing Kandora.

your not even going to give me or urza any credit for all the work we did making the ganis , the scripts ect ? you make it sound like you made the whole thing , not just the images .

lol yea i just read what I wrote way to try to advertise when tired lol, well so u all know the script was made by urza and myself and the pickaxe and ganis was done by loakey.

thanks for that . I’ll get on the more advanced version we talked about just as soon as i get the mine rock and minerals remade for sl . you may want to have urza look into the mine cart tho as im not sure if i can make that work , there’s some kind of problem with the level transition . it will be kandora’s as i have no plan on implementing such a long winded mine on sl . i jumped on for a minute when i read your post and it looks great . good job guy’s . :slight_smile:

edit: the pick axe wasn’t made by me tho , they are the very old pick axe images that have been around since the birth of graal .

lol,ok pick axe provided by Loakey lol, and dont worry about making any thing advanced, we r not doing ti that way anymore, and idk about the mien cart anymore at all

will do .