Kandora Shutdown

Kandora will no longer be active, do to a community member useng my info and removing me from my own servers Kandora and Dev(K) so there for I shut them both down for good, i am sorry for all of this.


Saputo :cry:

> << uh oh


Step 1: Change your password, make it hard to guess (aka not obvious)
Step 2: Contact who was hosting those and ask them to readd you

I loved Kandora :frowning:

I hated you.

Everything cant last forever eh?
Was fun while it lasted.

Came at him hard,But Saputo I think you should do what kalzor said so we can have kandora back :D.

Only if it actually gets some new content. >> <<

Seems you havnt seen the new kandora?

Actually no I haven’t. As soon as I logged on some guy jailed me and logged off I didn’t catch his name. D:


well thats fucked up none of the staff that was there before i vanished was Urza Loakey myself pyro Pro and Twiggy and Beholder here and there, so had to ofbeen way back like summer time back even before that, sorry u got jailed if i put ti back up it wont happen again but being i have nooooo time for this idk if i will idk ill talk to Loakey

It was about 3 weeks ago, I logged on then this guy he had a weird name and he was like “Wanna see somethin’ cool?”. I said “Sure”, then BAM he somehow jailed me. :stuck_out_tongue:

and this is y i shutdown kandora I havent been back for no longer then a week if that … Sigh

I would like to clarify that I was not the cause of Kandora getting fucked with. Saputo, I consider you a friend, and I don’t do that shit to friends.

i know we alrdy talked about it id still like to know who it was though