Kandora V3 is back, after many request to reopen our doors, were back and better then ever.

what to come

New quest
Winter City to open
CW to open
and much much more to come


omg omg omg, woo!!! thx so much :smiley:

your welcome, enjoy your stay

Let’s see if you girls can keep it up this time. Instead of running off in your frilly undergarments to mommy for some suckling.

Sometimes I dont get you o.0

Good. That’s the way it’s going to stay.


Castle Wars(CW) is now Open!
it can be found in the town of Dirwick, next to the Magic Shop.


Yay kandora indeed! But where did it go so fast?

That’s why his names Chicken.

So true xD

When ever I agree with someone, I click the Thanks button, just saying. (Looks to see if you agree.)

It seems its back again.

See how I thanked him, Because I agree with him. Looks at twiggy

I didn’t agree with you, I agreed at the fact that the server died as soon as it came back.

So piss off kid.

Use quotes

it didnt die I just got sick of the fucking gserver going up n down so I keep it off,i’m busy i cant sit here n turn on a server every 30 seconds

I knew making each word another color would make this message above pretty. as for what he said, I don’t Know what you mean by piss off, I didn’t do anything.