Keygen/Chiptune on FL Studio 7?

I was wondering if it’s possible to do that. I’d love to compose some neat music for the server I’m making. If you know any good videos/tutorials/plugins please post them.

do what

I was wondering the same thing. x_x

get yourself a keyboard. its hard to make music with just a mouse.

edit: talking about a musical keyboard

You’re probably looking for Plogue Chipsounds.

I may have confused some people. I’ve already pirated Fl Studio 7, I’m talking about Keygen music as the subgenre of chiptune.

subgenre lol wut

Hipster talk. I guess we’ll just call it Chiptune.

i call those 8bit tones

still. i wouldnt use FL studio for anything. if you want to make music, i would go buy a keyboard and download a version of cakewalk. then grab a few virtual synths and play some sweet shit.

I can’t afford that crap.

Mario Paint Composer.

steal daw of choice (fl studio cakewalk ableton who cares faggot)
steal vst(i)(s) of choice: sylenth massive zeta etc plogue chipsounds maybe
just use famitracker maybe instead of all that?? wow

what the fuck