/kickall script help

So i’ve been trying to make a system to kick everyone in an event but it will only kick the person using it.

if (playerchats && strequals(#g,Events Team)){ if (strequals(#c,/kickall)){ setlevel onlinestartlocal.nw; } }

every player will need an npcw that will handle shoots.
I’d give you the script but the one I made for psewolf is somewhere on his hdd.

Setlevel is clientside meaning it only works on the client side, not the serverside. That meannns only the player running that script will be affected.

As 2ndwolf mentioned, one way around this problem is using shoot.

This is the npc that will send out an event to kick all players to onlinestartlocal.nw, take note of the setshootparams command.

if (playerchats && strequals(#g,Events Team)){ 
  if (strequals(#c,/kickall)){ 
    setshootparams kickTo,onlinestartlocal.nw;
    shoot -10,-10,0.05,0.05,0.05,0.05,,,,,;

Then other players must catch this using a weapon.

if (playerenters){
  if (!isweapon)toweapons -kicksupport;

if (actionprojectile || actionprojectile2) {
  if (strequals(#p(2),kickTo)){
    if (strequals(#g,Events Team))return;//if you're an events team member, you don't want to be kicked
    setlevel #p(3);

You’ll see I refer to the shoot params using #p(2),#p(3), etc… It’s rather obvious to work out how you’d use more parameters.

This isn’t the only way just so you know, you can use downsider’s execscript triggerhack(google it) which can be very powerful for server to player communication.

You can all thank Downsider for this method. Smart lil’ fucker.

You’re meaning to say he founded it? I would’ve thought beholder would’ve known about this before him.

He showed Beholder this and the MP3 lag check method.