Now hiring for Kinderna! It will be EXACTLY the same as Ursan, because Ursan is over because The name was Bad. It sounded like Uranus(Your Anus). I am currently hiring, I would like to take this server to the next level.
I am currently hiring

  • Levels Admin Team (LAT)
  • Graphics (GFX)
  • NAT

I am currently NOT hiring

  • Graal Police (GP)
  • Player Relations (PR)

Please contact me at [email protected] to help or post in this head your showcase and I will might hire you!
Edit: By the way, if you think this server is bad, your wrong because it is like 1-15 Minutes old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo, you fool! I just am redoing the overworld!

Oh! Never mind! But, the server will be named Kindera because the old name was bad :stuck_out_tongue: It sounded like Uranus. :stuck_out_tongue:

ill post pics of the overworld in a sec


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Come on so I can give you RC.

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Benjiro, come on.


This is a forum. Leave a fucking visitor’s message or a PM. Stop clogging up the threads with

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Oh yeah, This stuff.

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Whoops! Forgot!

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Yeah, I mean this stuff. By the way. NONE OF THOSE were true dbl posts.

Sorry D:

Aeughweh. Ursan was a good name to me, it reminded me of Ursa. aka a bear.

It wasn’t Xytophia or Amx’n’lack

Kinderna is Kindergarteners!!!

Was wondering if I should bring that up, but I didn’t feel like bothering.

No, it isnt Kindergardens. Wow… I bet thats what YOU are.

New Map So Far


We are going to make this the best Modern Server, EVER!

Two Bens Workin’ Together.


running around and shooting inoobs :smiley:


Also, Gay. :expressionless:

i always wanted to mess with modern tiles.