King of the table

Because I can.

i dont get it

Neither do I. I even opened the server list in hopes of some form of clarification. However, none was provided :frowning:

Oh come on hosler, there’s nothing to get… you’re killing the fun. :’(

2ndwolf, you are awarded this one time opportunity to try again. lets see what you got.

It looks good judging on the screenshot.

The name however, reminds me of this.

I’m king of the house now.



You dirty rascal.

o.0 fckin ninja!? When did this happen? lol

Right before I asked you to warp me back.

When I get my fortress of doom up, we’ll see how you infiltrate it. w/o staff boots :[
I may give you a codec and a tranquilizer gun, but that’s it.