Kirby's Epic Yarn

Was bored so I bought it, it’s actually pretty good. They did a decent job of refreshing the game play by changing up Kirby’s basic moves. You can’t steal abilities, but practically every level has an area where Kirby can change into some sort of goofy vehicle in SMW2 style. The levels have great variety, so while the game play’s simple, it isn’t completely redundant.

Nintendo’s got a fetish for retarded children and like every other major title they didn’t forget to further dumb down Kirby. For one Kirby’s completely immortal, so the only backlash of doing poorly in a boss level is that it takes longer to beat the boss. (Marketing team must be from the no dodge ball in gym crowd.) The narrator desperately needs shot in the face, I’m seriously fed up with the storybook shit they’re pushing in absolutely every Nintendo series. I know they literally made Kirby an infant for the tv series, but I honestly don’t need to hear that whiny voice whenever he moves.

Downloaded it, friend told me it was crap. You just backed him up.
No plans on playing it.

It’s poopy shit, yo.