kpedersen (21)

Happy birthday, motherfucker! :smiley:

yeaahh I think I have known Karsten since he was 16 lol


I will be 22 in 23 days

It is correct, I checked his facebook. :stuck_out_tongue:

Marlon spies on people’s facebooks D:

lol, I got ViceVirtue, Agret, 39ster and Kpedersen on facebook. I had Jellyfish on there before.


Thanks guys… It is very warming getting a happy birthday from the graal (.in) forums :slight_smile:

Marlon also calls me a retro motherfucker on facebook :stuck_out_tongue: ???

talk to ya laters!

alright imma going to need your guys facebook lol damn

Happy b-day, duder.