Kraken's House Bug

Ronald McDonald is guarding a chest in Krakens house and says that he requires the keys. I have both the keys from the garden and the wall in kraken’s house and I walked up to Ronald and his reply was “Thanks” then he never moved out of the way. So he’s still blocking the chest. In addition I cant figure out how to get into the cave in the back of Kraken’s garden :confused:

I’ll take a look at that Ronald, but Krajken’s garden requires solving a puzzle to enter the cave…

I had thought that I had finished the puzzle, if that puzzle only included pushing the statues in the correct place. There may be more to it that I am unaware of. If not, then it may be broken as well.

Basi, that version of Classic is booty.

.​but its interesting booty. I haven’t done everything here like I have on gta

booty can only mean good

I believe solving the puzzlke allows you to destroy a block hidding a switch on the upper right section of the level, then again, I’ll have to check that out.

Last time I checked that level, I remember adding some sound effects to add some hints to it.

I know you don’t like it, and I don’t mind, it’s a big collection/archive of what has been done on graal since its beggining, its a big mess, and every time I play I make it a bit less messy, fix old scripts and experiment with previously unavailable functionalities. It’s a neverending work in progress, and I love answering people’s requests.
It’s not all nice and shiny, but it’s 3000 levels to explore, some people like exploration on that scale, some prefer directed short quests, I offer a big world, I host it and I fix it, I don’t see the need to complain since there are other nice servers to play on.

found the switch you’re referring to, just gotta figure out how to press it.​

You just explode it. There is no pressing.

Ironically a truly authentic version of old Classic actually would have a bug in this level.

all good now, thanks

I fixed a few triggers that would not always fire, it should work without problem from now on.