Land of Sporks

Land of Sporks is still here guys. You’re welcome to check it out. Right now there’s only a few quests, but there’s more in the making. Currently there is one minor dungeon, and there’s a large one in the works. In addition to that I’m gonna start working on sidequests soon, also if anyone wants to help me out you’re welcome to. Just look at how much fun there is to be had on here!

please resize your image. :stuck_out_tongue:

Depending on how bored I get over the holidays, I might help out. But I’m really only hanging out to develop if and when we get a new client.
Cadavre, chop-chop!

How did you manage to bribe my alt accounts to dance on tables for you?

I dunno, ask VW.

Oh… in that case, they were drugged and then offered power.

Hey Yen, Ben drown and forgot to back up your house before a cataclysmic giant bug invasion overwrote it about two minutes after you uploaded it.
I promise to maybe-ish at least occasionally be slightly more careful/responsible from now on.

:c You shouldn’t have done that man…

Do you still have RC? You should finish the inside of your house.


kinda not in the mood to open up the editor right now.

That’s fine. I gave you rights anyways if you wanna mess around.

You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

How come I didn’t know about this! Shouldn’t we fill this with something!?


that would be the work of VariousWeapon

Well, after a few days looking at Armored Baddy hitting me, this playerworld is becoming boring.
I am at: seeker-forest_01-01.nw

I know that there is a way to hurt him, but he stay so close to me that I don’t have time to do what I need to hurt him again.
Maybe if there was a way to trap him in the bushes…

Get good.

It’s not super difficult. It wasn’t meant to be a boss you can beat on the first try but provided you keep throwing bushes at him without missing you’ll beat it.

The problem is that this baddy does not stay calm after the first bush he receive… he is charging you fast!
At least now the classic adventure have reopen. Maybe I can get better with a playerworld more at my level.

You could always pause until it stops attacking.

Thanks for the “cheating” trick. It worked!