Lantern Gani

Anyone have this? Would save me some time :slight_smile:

lol I have Classic’s

gimme gimme

I’d have to find it…and I think there is more than one


thanks bro

Wasn’t there sword too?

Maybe, it wasn’t in my folder though.

I only have idle, sit and walk, also. So I guess not.

Probably a good reason for that, replacing the sword gani would make it so you couldn’t hurt other players with native sword detection.

Only Sentinel had a sword gani for the lantern, and that involved a cheap hack by hiding the shield, and doing a showani of the lantern, over the player. lol

Classic used a custom hit detection when the lantern was added.

Yeah I was thinking about that too O_o
I didn’t play classic so I assumed it was one or the other.

how do i add the gani?

cough Are you retarded? cough
I mean, I read most of the documentation that came with Graal, and I was perfectly capable of finding out how to make a weapon and replace a players gani on my own…

Wow… Kondie… some people don’t learn as fast… no need to flame the new guy! Just saying…