Laptop Randomly Crashes

So here’s the problem. I have an HP G61 Laptop that is perfectly fine. I’ve owned it for about two years now. When I try to boot it up it will get to the loading windows 7 screen and freeze/crash or log onto windows and crash after a few minutes. It really annoys me.

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Sounds like you have a corrupted windoowwwsss~

(P.S. We are not GeekSquad…)

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It could just need cleaned out. I had this issue with the laptop I use now because I used it in Morocco for a few years which caused it to accumulate a lot of sand.

I tried that, didn’t work.

try and reinstall windows. if that doesnt work, run memtest to see if you need new ram. if your ram is clean then you will need to get a new laptop. you can tell if your hard drive is messed during the windows install. usually you get a nice error.

I recommend running a bootup diagnostic program from a CD/DVD or a USB drive I prefer The Ultimate Boot CD or UBCD as it includes Memtest and other stuff the first thing you want to do is test RAM for errors, the second is a full file system and physical hard drive scan, this can be done either from Winblows or UBCD. If you have determined that there is no physical hardware issue then your problem is most likely the fact that you are using Windows 7. I think Windows 7 is awful and I don’t understand what the big rage or fad over it is, or why anyone likes it. it’s no different or better than Vista from what I can tell except for a few minor changes and it has less 16 and 32bit program and driver compatibility than even Linux distros at this point. I recommend replacing that OS with a full updated Windows XP With SP3 or Windows Server 2003 and or a XUbuntu or Mint Linux distro. with Wine you will likely be able to run most Windows programs better than Vista/7
Finally check for overheating, many utilities out there such as RMClock can tell your CPU Temp in real time and control the CPU Power settings If it reaches above 90c at full load or less then something is very wrong and it will likely automatically shut off or damage itself. Laptop makers are often cheap and don’t even use thermal paste on the tiny heatsink/heatpipe they place on the CPU. I replaced my 1.8GHz Sempron with a 2.4GHz Athlon 64 using Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste and I dropped the idling and max temp by 20c while using a 40% faster 64bit CPU. OEMs such as Dell or eMachines do a piss poor job at making things and even more-so with laptops. I’ve seen brand new Quad core laptops with 6GBs of ram running Windows 7 perform 1/10th as well as 6 year old Acer running XP/XUbuntu doing the exact same functions

Lots of parts can be replaced! I’ve replaced hds, ram, screens, dvd-drives, wireless cards and re-soldered usb ports. One issue might be overheating because of collected dust. If you manage to screen it apart decent enough to put it together again, i’d recommend trying that.

well screens, dvd drives, wirelesscards, and bad usb connections wouldnt be a reason a computer wont boot

actually thats not true imo

i’ve had faulty hardware cause a computer to not boot before

i once had a lexmark printer that if it was plugged in when the computer was turned on, the computer would never boot
it was actually trying to boot from the sd card slot in the printer or somethign weird like that im fucking serious

then your boot order is messed up.

Nice try, I fixed my boot order on that pc many times, it still wouldn’t boot with the printer plugged in. I gave the printer to another person, and their computer wouldn’t boot with it plugged in either.

Both computers were eMachines, so I imagine it has to do with a shitty bios

thats a bios thing