LAT Application For Exotic


Hello Players!

We are currently looking for new members for the LAT Team Take your chance and apply!

We are not specificly looking for experienced players to join the team.
Fill all of this out and send it to the E-mail "[email protected]".

*Please remember to attach your work in the email!
Good luck!
CrossFire (Owner*), Darkblade (Owner)

– Please copy & paste the questions and write your answer under it –

Basic Questions

  1. What is your account/most used nickname?

  2. How long have you played Exotic for?

  3. Have you ever been employed on Exotic before? If so, why are you fired/have you quit.

  4. Have you ever been jailed/banned on Exotic, and if so, why? (Can and will be checked)

  5. Where do you live? (Timezone)

  6. Do you have anything that may cause you to not be as active in the next coming months? Things such as school, sports, travel, etc, all apply.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you want to be an LAT on Exotic?

  2. What qualities/skils do you possess that you think would make you a better LAT than someone else? (What seperates you from the pack?)

  3. What does a LAT do?

Please do not complain about my server or spam… I dont feel like dealing with this…

goog luck finding someone on here who’s not lazy and doesn’t have their own server.


Hmmmmm, nice job attempting to begin to get some original content. I’ll give some advice. Until your server gets relatively decent, you probably won’t get any decent LATs. I’d just try to make as much as you can yourself. Hire some newbie LATs(as long as they don’t abuse powers TOO much, or, erm, at all, if possible) and then hopefully they’ll get really good…

You should have seen when Benjiro started LATing xD He was MUCH worse when he started. You never know who’ll get good.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll keep that in mind! :smiley:

Nifty lookin’ HUD. I’m too lazy to make my own or script one.

i’d be pissed normally but since you are making graphics for me too, i cant complain :confused:

Leave Riley alone. If he can do whatever he wants.