Learning to code

So I am learning to code in general and in graal reborn so I can help code Evora. I’m lookin for tips or easy codes/scripts I can play around with. Thanks!

The way I’ve been learning to program over the years is trial and error. The “script showcase” sub-forum is a good start. Also reading the commands.rtf file in the graal directory alongside this http://www.graal.net/index.php/Creation/Dev/Old_GScript helps you out a lot. In terms of syntax, you could mess around with javascript to get the gist of it.

Personally I’ve never taken lessons in programming because I’m one of those people that’s learning by doing, I know that all people aren’t able to learn this way.

Search the forums, there might already be a thread about what you need!

Don’t forget the Newbie’s Scripting Bible :wink: https://st0rage.org/~graalreborn11/ace2896/www.geocities.com/ace2896/pg/thedownloads.html

Codecademy JavaScript would be the quickest introduction to programming. Eloquent JavaScripts a decent book you can read online if you really get into it.

Thanks guys! Also Cadavre I learn the same way. :smiley:


In your Graal Reborn folder and here: http://forums.graal.in/forums/showthread.php?1166-GS1-Commands-(w-new-commands-rtf)

if anything this helped me way more than tutorials/threads. Just reading through it every now and then would remind me of possible solutions.

I used other people’s codes and edited them, which helped me understand what I can and cannot do. Knowing commands doesn’t help if you don’t know how you can use them.

Anything more advanced than what you know is so poorly documented though. I suppose it’s good for the basics, but you have to start with some sort of example…

Gscript needs a debugger

You have one. The forums. Lol

Calling the forums a debugger is like calling a cheeto a super conductor

Gscript used to have a debugger, however it was removed for some reason. You used to be able to activate it by pressing F6. The last version I know it works in is v1.4r1.

I must see this happen.

also I swear there is a debugger built into the client…?

Question solved