Learning to make levels again

I have some old levels from the days when graal wasnt all money hungry as fck.

I cant get my guy to load to them in online mode even if I change the unstick me level or the level in the characters file.

It either wont load or when I do unstick me, it says it failed.

Anyone know a reason this would happen off hand?

are they in the right folder?

E:\Graal Reborn\gserver_2.2.0\graal_reborn\maps

no no no. i think it goes under the world folder.

usually, but if you specify that folder in foldersconfig.txt it should work…

actually I didnt put em in my server folder, I was used to just editing them client side. LOL thats why it didnt work.

Sadly I cant find all my old neat npcs and such, ill have to rescript em hahaha.

Thanks guys.

Also can you reload things with the server still up, say you edit a level add an image ect…

you may chat ‘update level’ in the graal client, or you can do it via rc.