Left or right?

Left or right? Maybe this guy is supposed to be dumb in the game I dont know :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s to his left, hence, it’s to the left. Then again… he didn’t specify whose left :0

I guess the dumb was me X)

By the way as you can see I cant see his head (Same with some other graphics here and there) Is there any graphic pack I should get?

I think there was a good one on the graal dvd, but also you shouldn’t need to. All graphics should’ve been uploaded to the server. It’s easy to develop and forget to upload certain heads and what not. I’ll fix this up right away.

My point is its not the only graphic I have seen missing…and…what graal dvd? o.o where can I download it from?

To be honest, I’m not sure anymore :S
I might see if I can put together a pack of heads,shields, bodies,etc…