Let's Play and Livestream

This guy does some of them and he is a cool guy who I know you should totally check him out

Okay, now you share some shit

EDIT: http://ot6.tumblr.com/suggest You can suggest games for him too!


One for random Starcraft matches, this guy is a pro commentator…

Here is the Something Awful Let’s Play archive:


I have thought about making some let’s plays myself. But I figure I probably am too young for people to think I’m not cheating.


Oh hey. Mine works now too.

I go on justin.tv

get a twitter
sign into justin.tv with it

waht is twitter?

Twitter sucks.
There you go.

twitn tumbln spacn n facen my fears of the queers in their younger years

I hear ya rappin’ sister McCrappin!

You Mad Cuz Im Stylin on you.

I got one a few months ago. Im not good with advertising it so…


Last thing i remember doing on it was Fallout New Vegas.

actually that sounds like the definition for myspace .

Definition for All Social Networking Sites

For Stupid People With No Real Lives

wait then why u get on facebook

When you join facebook, your a locked down into the state of ‘no life’

My mother tried to kill sombody who dumped my sister because of what the two said on facebook. How do i know this when i don’t use facebook or have an account? She rages very quickly AND still doesn’t realise her ‘secure’ infomation is being sold.

Lol wowz

Eh, I don’t mind, I don’t do anything criminal. Let them sell me.